An Upgrade to Your Typical Lunch Bag


Have you ever thought of boasting a lunch bag at work but then went ‘NAH’ that looks geeky, or too nerdy? Or it’s just not your style? I know the word you have in your mind. Yes, you are right. We need a Manly lunch bag. I need something that goes with my leather watch, my bullet sharp blazers or my sexy sleek and shiny snake skin shoes. Now I don’t mean to sound too ‘over-the-top’ but hey, i know you want that too.

Have a look at this fine baby here. This is what I am talking about. When it comes to compact, ‘down-to-business’, ‘no jokes’ lunch bag, this Lifewit lunch bag breaks the ice.

It is extremely important for me and you to NOT show up at work place with a lunch bag that looks like you are going to school. After a lot of digging around, for me, the Lifewit lunch bag is a clear winner and I will tell you why.

Look how it stands out. A handsome, stylish and serious lunch bag that is the perfect way to store your meals on the go.

What strikes out the most is that this lunch bag has an adjustable velcro divider that can actually be used to separate hot and cold food. The bag comes with an added shoulder strap that makes it easy on your shoulders if you are a serious foodie and eat like a king.

The lunch bag gives out a mini briefcase look, and often camouflages as a business bag if you wear it in style. The simple but elegant design is what got my attention but that does not mean this lunch bag compromises on quality.

Unlike the zillion options online, Lifewit takes it one notch up always by ensuring that their products actually make a difference inside out. Now I’m a gold digger when it comes to good quality products and I am willing to shell out extra bucks if it makes the world a better place. I can tell you the foam work inside is elite and the insulation works like magic.

No matter what you have in mind, whether it be work, travel or perhaps the great outdoors, this stylish lunch bag is a great choice. Moreover, if you elect to give it a good cleaning it is safe for the washing machine too.

My rant can go on but not as long as this little lunch bag does. So do yourself a favor. Look no further, and get yourself this lunch bag that is sure to make your lunches a treat, and most importantly, be one of the few ones that own a cool lunch bag at last.

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  • JT

    These are all pics of the exterior. Any pics of inside the bag/box?

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