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From Nature to You - A Lunch bag that Cares


When I was little, I often wondered how it would be to wake up in the middle of the night and run off into the wild. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the horns, the loud motors, the awful pollution. I always wondered what It would be like to pack all the food I need and spend an entire day in the woods. Sitting on top of a mountain with my neatly packed lunch and snacks in my lunch bag and watching the sun rise from the horizon as its warm glow wraps around the world. A feeling of bliss.

My Lunch bag is like my little prized possession. The pretty pink and it’s soft fabric looks and feels as mesmerizing in the day as it does at night. I have had this lunch bag forever and it has always taken care of me.

Now, an entire day out in the woods means I would need to have enough supplies to keep me going, and my lunch bag does just that and it does it well. There is enough space for my water, sandwiches, drinks and fruits. I can also throw in a few chocolate bars.

As the sun fully sets out, I can already feel the scorching heat on me and my lunch bag has my icy cold water bottle and it is just as cold as it was when I packed it in the morning. A premium zipper line separates two compartments for my warm sandwiches and my cold drinks.

It is also really convenient to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle on top and as I trekked my way down the mountain, the sturdy grip of the handle and the shoulder strap kept the lunch bag accessible and close to me.

It is also evident to point out that the insulation of the lunch bag is very effective and works very well. All my packed food stayed at consumable temperatures even by the end of the day. As the sun started setting I decided to end my escapade and go back to civilization

By now, I have realized that I have never looked at this little lunch bag the way I did today. It has been my companion the entire day and has made my journey worthwhile. I would recommend this simple, classy and elegant Lifewit Lunch bag to all those adventurers out there that look at life a little differently. From Nature to You.

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