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The Only Leather Bag You Will Ever Need


Growing up, I always wondered how my grand dad would go to college, and how he would pack up his daily essentials - things that would keep him going for the entire day, his lunch, his little snacks, his books, his pack of cigarettes, deodorant, super minty gums, and maybe his Polaroid camera.

But then I would also think, back in those days, did those kids feel as cool as our generation does now? Did they ever think that ‘maybe I should take my DSLR with me today just in case an epic natural disaster happens on my way and I can capture a really captivating image and submit it to journalists and the next thing I know is I am one of the most sought-after photographers in the world and National Geographic wants me in’.

Maybe not. I guess all that my grand dad wanted to do was take his Polaroid camera and sit by the bench in the campus and take a photo of grand mom while she ate berries.

From back then, to now, college backpacks and messenger bags have come a long way. Not only have they advanced in terms of functionality, but also in terms of usage. Now, no matter how cool my grand dad was, he never had to carry a laptop with him back then. He also did not enjoy the luxury of modern commuting advantages and walked to his college, covering a stretch of 10kms one way. Back then, these bags had to be very durable, and made of premium leather to withstand unpredictable weather conditions and rugged use. Grandpa often told us that sometimes the tracks to his college would get all murky with the rain and it was often impossible to walk through while it would rain. His bag would also be his umbrella and sometimes he would open the flap and cover his athletic body like a rain coat.

With the way technology has evolved and revolutionized the world today, the cool kid of today’s times is not someone that just goes to college with a bunch of books, but is someone that does more than just study and achieving good grades. Our interests have evolved, and so has our passion in learning and creativity. We are photographers, bakers, aspiring filmmakers, artists and students all at the same time. So coming back to backpacks and messenger bags, not only is it important that these bags look trendy and stylish, but it is also important that they withstand the most rugged conditions of wear and tear, lets you carry all your daily essentials, and most importantly, is secure and safe - after all, you wouldn’t want to drop off your lenses from a poorly stitched bag. I am an aspiring filmmaker and a Law student. I often carry my camera and my laptop with me as I spend most of my time on campus and then afterwards in Cafes or at the library for my editing work.


I have always been fond of using messenger bags, but right after school, I came across the Lifewit Messenger Bag and after all these years I can say that this product is of outstanding quality. The bag is made out of Premium crazy horse cowhide leather, which may sound complicated but you can really feel the difference when you get your hands on one of these. Along with my bulky books, the bag easily packs up my 13” Macbook Pro and my Canon DSLR camera. I can even put in my primary lens, and also carry my snacks. On a rainy day, I even managed to pack in my umbrella. Right off the shelf, you know the bag is built to last. I have used and handled it very roughly and in one instance, it slipped off my shoulder when i was getting on to the bus. And because of its interior padded foam, It saved my laptop from a nasty drop on to the road and probably saved 200$ from repair.

When I was 18 and got my driving license, my father told me that if I had to get my first car, i should go with an older make of Japanese cars. This made no sense to me so i asked him why. He said ‘because the older cars were built for drivers, and they cared about our value for money, but today son, everyone is fighting for making the lowest priced car and for that they are willing to remove airbags too’. I just nodded my head but now it makes sense to me. While I held on to that thought as I grew up and became wary of every purchase I made, I realized that there are very few brands out there, that really care about a customer’s needs and offering the right price for it. And Lifewit is one of those brands that make their bags with not just the thought of style and fashion, but also with practicality, durability and usage as their motto. Back then, grand dad seldom cared about how his leather bag looks, but he did make sure he had one that would last him years and as I stand here looking at his bag on my study table, it has lived a generation. And then I look at my Lifewit leather messenger bag - and smile - Yes I am doing well.


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