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Lunchtime is in the bag


Nowadays, it’s expensive to eat out. If you find yourself off to the shops on your lunch break 5 days a week, the hole in your wallet is only going to get bigger fast. The solution seems obvious; bring your own lunch! Except you don’t want to carry around bulky food containers in a plastic bag, and all the lunch boxes you could find are a little more primary school than adult professional. Enter the Lifewit Insulated Lunch Box; a stylishly designed, super functional product with a wide appeal. Here, we take a quick look at some of the features that set this apart.


The construction of this bag has been carefully and methodically thought-out by the designers, with the key features of durability and water-repellency and insulation at its core. With that firmly in mind, the materials picked out comfortably address those requirements.

The outer shell of the lunch bag is built using heavy duty Oxford fabric in a 1680d weight, a material renowned for its sturdiness and resistance to liquids. Originally a woven fabric, it retains good flexibility, but is treated with a water-repellant coating on both sides. It is finally layered with polyurethane on the back, ensuring that it can shake off spills and dirt with ease, also staying super tough in the process.

Internally, the lining is built from food grade aluminium foil which once again provides high levels of durability and insulation, as well as resistance to liquids and stains, so you can be sure that any spills that do occur stay inside the bag. Topping it all off is the core between the two layers, comprised of a generous 8mm of EPE foam, which is flexible, strong and offers great thermal insulation.


Another notable feature of the bag is its size. It boasts a generous 7L internal capacity, with the bag’s total dimensions measuring in at around 24 x 15.5 x 24.5cm (L*W*H). The clever bit, however, is the way in which this space is used. By dividing the bag into two compartments, separated by one dividing zip, the Lifewit’s large internal storage is used more efficiently. This means you’re less likely to find your food and drink rolling around in too much space, but also serves the secondary purpose of providing (for instance) both a food and drink compartment, or hot and cold compartments; the possibilities go on.

These are just a couple of ways in which the Lifewit Insulated Lunch Box proves itself to be a great choice for those looking for a durable and useful solution for carrying food around.

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