I Found My Right Makeup Organizer


Last month, I bought myself a few cosmetics on Amazon: a concealer foundation cream, mattifying powder, eyebrow pencils, brushes, mascara, and of course lipstick! Now that’s a long list of items, I agree. When they finally arrived, it was like Christmas! But when I put them all on my table, this is what I saw.

 Acrylic makeup organizers

A mess, isn’t it? No extra space on my table for my other things and even if there was, I wouldn’t be able to find them.

And then one day, I found a way to solve all my problems.

Voila! I just bought a proper makeup organizer. But choosing the right one wasn’t easy.

The first problem I faced was that I didn’t know where to start, since most of them look quite similar…

I looked at a couple of them before deciding on the perfect one.

makeup organizers

The best seller on Amazon - STORi’s Premium Quality Clear Plastic Vanity Organizer -  I wasn’t sure whether or not it was good quality, but its appearance reminded me of the seasoning box that my mom used in the kitchen.

seasoning box

I didn’t need my mom’s scoffing, I already had plenty of that. so I decided to pass on that organizer

Then I looked at another best seller——Ikee Design’s Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes Two Pieces Set.

makeup organizers

It actually didn’t look bad. I thought I found just another one of the many makeup organizers which had a similar design, namely, several drawers with compartments on the top. And the two stackable parts which would allow me to put the extra drawers away and save them for a time when I need them. It was constructed out of acrylic, which meant nothing to me, I had to look up what it was.

What I found online is that it is lightweight, impact and shatter resistant and highly transparent, blah, blah, blah. In essence, it is a good material, and I decided that my next makeup organizer should be made of it.

But this time, the Ikee Design’s design bothered me—I was worried that there would be no room for my brushes, and the upper compartments may start to collect dust. Again, I was right back where I started.

Finally, after a lot of searching, I found the perfect one.

makeup organizers

I bought this Lifewit acrylic organizer together with the white pearls to help my brushes stand up. It has proved to be a conscientious helper from the first day. Thanks to the lid, I no longer worry about the vexing dust sticking on my brushes and holders. And the two divided holders leave just enough space for my brushes, one for my face and another for my eyes, perfect.

The additional drawers were surprisingly useful, the perfect place for my favorite lipsticks, so that I can take them out easily.

The makeup organizer is now standing proud and pretty on my table, and my clean and tidy home is finally back to normal.

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