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An Upgrade to Your Typical Lunch Bag

Have you ever thought of boasting a lunch bag at work but then went ‘NAH’ that looks geeky, or too nerdy? Or it’s just not your style? I know the word you have in your mind.


2017-09-21 2:44am

From Nature to You - A Lunch bag that Cares

When I was little, I often wondered how it would be to wake up in the middle of the night and run off into the wild. Away from the hustle and  bustle of the city, the horns, the loud motors...


2017-09-20 7:02 pm

Cutest Lunch Bag Steals Daughter’s Heart

Now, my little daughter Maria has some serious terms and conditions for her new Lunch Bag. She said ‘Mommy look into my eyes, and listen to me carefully’...


2017-09-07 12:32 am

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