Bath Mat Sizes Guide | How to pick the right size bath rug?


A nice, fluffy bath mat helps relieve tiredness after a day's hard work and keeps annoying water away from dripping to your floor. Also, it can be part of your bathroom decoration. But with lots of size choices, how to pick the right one for your bathroom?


To pick the perfect fit for your bathroom, you should think of these questions first:

1. How big is your bathroom?

The bath mat size should fit your bathroom size. For a small bathroom, a smaller size will definitely fit better and be more flexible. But a bigger runner rug creates a bigger comfort space if you have enough room.

2. Where do you want to place your mat?

The shower stall, bathtub, or the sink? The perfect mat size for a different place is clearly different.

3. How much do you want to spend on this?

The right mat for you must be perfect in both size and price.


Then, it's time to get to know regular bath mat sizes and make your choice. Bath mat sizes usually range from the smallest 17''x24'' to the largest 20''x60'', and the following are some details of each size:


About 1/3 long of a regular bathtub. Suits single sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls in a small bathroom.


About 1/2 length of a regular bathtub. Suits medium size single sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls.


Same long as a regular shower stall. Perfect for shower stalls, also suits bathtubs.


About 2/3 long as a regular bathtub. Suits double sinks and bathtub.


As long as a regular bathtub or double sink. Perfect for double sinks and bathtubs.

Bath Mat Sizes Guide | How to pick the right size

With all the details above, we believe it's easier for you to make a choice. And if you want to get a plush, nonslip, budget-friendly bath mat, then you can check out our Lifewit Microfiber Bathmat and Lifewit Chenille Bathmat (which are exactly the size we show above).

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