Lifewit Influencer Program

Would you like to collaborate with Lifewit?

At Lifewit, we know how important it is to connect with the public. It is not an easy task, but it’s a great way to remain in touch with our base. That’s why we value work of influencers who are always looking for new features and brands to recommend to their audiences. If you search across the google, Instagram, tiktok and youtube,  you will see we have worked with so many influencers. So, if you are an influencer, and you like our brand, our products, and our way of doing things, we would be delighted to have you work with us through your passion when communicating about our brand.

How can we collaborate?


It is very simple. You receive our products in exchange for sharing your honest review on your social media accounts or blog.


In the event that you are interested in helping us to publicize a specific campaign, we will contact you to discuss and reach an agreement on how to compensate you.


In this form of collaboration, we would give you a Lifewit product so that you have the opportunity to do a product giveaway among your followers. In this case, it’s necessary to have a minimum number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Get in touch with us and we will discuss how we can make this happen.

Collaboration Requirements

We receive a lot of collaboration requestions every day. For our collaboration to be beneficial for both of us, there are few requirements that you must meet to get approved:

1.Have a social media profile or blog that deals with related content with our product.
2. Have at least 5000 followers on Facebook or 8000 on Instagram, or 1000  on youtube, or 10000 on tiktok.
If you are interested and meet the requirement, please fill the form below. If everything goes well, we will be happy to work with you. See you soon!