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5 best kinds of bath mats money can buy


Choosing the right bathroom mat is a beast. Unlike the main purpose of entrance mats, which is to stop dirt and moisture at the door, we demand much more out of its bathroom counterparts. I think we can all agree that water absorbency and self-dry time are the two main areas of focus for your average informed shopper. After all, there can’t be many things worse than stepping on a bacteria friendly, squishy, smelly piece of cloth that stink up the entire bathroom to start the morning. Besides the two criteria just mentioned, features like softness to the touch, ease of maintenance, and dirt attraction can make or break your bath-rooming experience as well.


We all have that one friend who’s got a nauseating bathroom that’s top off with a shower rug in the most disturbing condition imaginable. Please don’t be that person! Luckily with our help, you’ll be able to find the perfect bath mat for yourself! Prepared especially for your viewing pleasure are information on some of the most costing-efficient, effective, diverse, and easy to maintain bath mat on the market. Please enjoy and share!



Starting off with cotton mats, they are priced higher than competition for a reason. It pretty much checks all the boxes for the ideal bathroom mat. The material provides a luxurious soft sensation, will not deteriorate after repeated use, features exceptional water absorbency while being relatively thin, and self-dries very quickly. On top of all that, cotton mats are usually machine washable, which saves you the hassle of troublesome manual cleaning.

hassle of troublesome manual cleaning

machine washable cotton mats


Chenille mats are some of our favorites. It’s a fantastic choice for your bathroom as well as your front entrance. The material’s ability to absorb water and collect dust is quite amazing, making it ideal for drying feet and collecting dripping water when stepping out of the shower, and effective at wiping off dirt and dust from shoes as a front entrance floor mat. On top of being a multi-purpose floor mat, it’s super luxurious to the touch, and generally priced quite fairly. You won’t regret investing in chenille mats for your home.

dust remover - Chenille mats         exceptional water absorbency - Chenille mats


Memory Foam

The origin of memory foam is pretty awesome. It was originally developed to improve the effectiveness of aircraft cushions. It has the distinct ability to mold to warm body within minutes, making memory foam mats tremendous alternatives for people with chronic body aches as they provide an ergonomic platform targeted at relieving muscle and joint pain in your legs and feet, giving them perfect standing comfort and stability. Its exceptional water absorbency makes it a great addition to bathrooms, but the arena in which the memory foam truly shines is at providing exceptional standing comfort for users performing long tasks on their feet, such as cooking and doing laundry. Maintenance is effortless as well. Being that it’s machine washable, simply toss it in the washer, and you’re done!

Feels like Heaven - Lifewit Memory Foam Bath Mat


Bamboo is a great option if you prefer to stand on a solid platform instead of softer materials. The thing that really intrigues us about bamboo is that it’s actually a stain of grass rather than wood, and unlike most woods, it’s resistant to water penetration, making it perfect for wet environments. Bamboo is also highly sustainable which is a big plus for shoppers who are environmentally conscious. A couple of big advantages of bamboo compared to its softer cousins are that it’s almost indestructible, and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Periodic wipes with a wet towel will suffice.

Bamboo Mat


The microfiber material is one of the most popular options for use as a bathroom mat. The synthetic fiber holds many advantages over its competitors. Namely, microfiber mats are among the most affordable choices in the market, but its affordability doesn’t take away from its highly sought-after qualities such as feathery softness, fantastic moisture absorbency, fast self-drying, and lasting durability. If you’re trying to keep your bathroom floor clean, dry, and comfy on a budget, you can’t go wrong with microfiber.

Microfiber Mat - soft to touch, absorb water quickly, dry fast

It’s tough to navigate the muddy waters of bath mat market. Hopefully, the information provided above will help you in finding the perfect fit. Bath mat selection is a very personal choice, and selecting the perfect material for yourself can drastically increase the overall comfort of your home life. After all, stepping onto the perfect bath mat, heading into the shower is an awesome way to start the morning.

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