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A Good Bath Mat is Where It All Starts


You are reading this if you are like me, someone who loves his bath time and takes it seriously and does not mind waking up much earlier than usual just so that he can have his ‘me-time’ with no disturbance (I live with my sister but if you live alone, you rule that territory already)

Anyway, my day does not start without a great shower and clean-up in my bathroom, and we are not going to discuss anything more than what happens in the rest of my day because I want to tell you about my super awesome Lifewit Memory Foam bath mat.

runner mat

As we all already know, memory foam has many advantages over standard bathroom mats. Ominous it may sound, it feels like you are given something that will change your life, like a magic wand. In fact, memory foam is cells made of polyurethane with added chemicals that increases its density and is known to be the most ideal option to consider for beds, pillows, mats, and nowadays, even bras and dog beds.

Staying on point, over the years i have used several memory foam bath mats and none have come close to the Lifewit Memory Foam bath mat. You see, this piece of mat exudes comfort, relaxation, like a magic carpet...ok now that is overboard, but really it’s not.

lifewit grey runner rug

Soft and water absorbent, this mat helps me keep my feet cosy and water-free when I step out of the shower. It has an almost deceptive layer on top that never gives you the impression that it has just been used to dry your feet. As you step off it, it retains form just like it was before use. However, comfort comes with a price and I mean a price for maintenance and not for the pockets.

Yes, memory foam mats absorb water, which also means you need to dry it off too for it to retain its absorbency. And when it comes to price, the Lifewit Memory Foam bath mat is unbelievably easy on your pockets and a great bang for the bucks!

lifewit runner mat

I have recently ordered one for my mom for the kitchen and she seems to love it already. And when she is cooking those hard-to-resist recipes, she walks around the kitchen a lot, and the mat, with its anti-slip SBR material base provides great resistance to movements and stays in place.

Now need I say more to why you should be owning this 40 top density memory foam Lifewit Bath Mat? To sum up some of the reasons why you should one for yourself, this video below will give you a better perspective.

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