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Emma Walsh's Organizing Story


I traveled to Las Vegas last week for business, had some free time before the meeting, so I visited my sister in LA. I was shocked when I stepped into her apartment. The place looked like it had been robbed. Worn clothing everywhere, piles of used dishes in the sink, bills, and magazines on the floor. I couldn't even find a place to sit comfortably. It was a disaster!!! Sis told me that she lacks the discipline to keep her place clean. She’d feel depressed every time she looked at her messy environment, but can’t keep the place neat for more than a week. I know my sister has never been a big fan of household chores, but her current living environment made me worry.

How to organize a messy apartment - Lifewit Blog

Witnessing her living condition motivated me to write this article. By sharing my process to keep my home clean and clutter-free, I hope to help young women to live an organized lifestyle. You don't need to invest in expensive organization tools, a few cheap hacks will get the job done. Having a stress-free, easy-to-navigate home not only saves time, it also promotes a peaceful and uncluttered mind.

How to organize a messy apartment - Lifewit Blog

Messy living quarters can be caused by various undesired habits such as unwillingness to let go useless crap that takes up too much space, leaving trash where they land because you’re too lazy to place them properly in the trash can, not putting things back to where they belong, and resistance to clean your home as frequently as needed. No matter the reasoning, my cheats and tricks will help you overcome your organizational shortcomings. For most girls, the battlegrounds these messes take place are usually the closet, vanity, kitchen, and bathroom.



Lifewit Foldable Cube Storage Bins

Lifewit Foldable Cube Storage Bins

Like most girls, I always seem to have too much clothing, but too little space in my closet. It's super challenging for anyone who tries to pick out a particular dress from a confusing, jumbled mess of clothes and accessories. So the first thing I’d do is to clean out the closet and get rid of clothes and accessories that I no longer wear. Then I’d rearrange my wardrobe and organize them into several groups by season, style, and type. I'm currently using these storage bins to reclaim more space in my closet. I store my T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, and sportswear in separate storage bins, and stack them on top of one another. These storage bins are super helpful, they’re not only space-saving but also allow for easy viewing and access to stored contents.

Lifewit 50L Ultra Size Foldable Heavy Fabric Storage Bag      How to organize closet with storage bag

Lifewit 50L Ultra Size Foldable Heavy Fabric Storage Bag

There're many types of storage bags on the market. I love to use this kind of cloth storage for off-season clothing, bed sheets, and blankets. It's water-resistant and features a zipper closure to keep the stored items from dust and moisture. The carrying handle makes it easy to move the bag from one place to another. There are many ways to incorporate the storage into your space. You can store them on the higher shelves of your closet, bottom drawer of your dresser, and even under your bed.

Lifewit DIY Plastic Clothes Closet   Lifewit 4-Tier Clothes Closet

Lifewit 4-Tier DIY Plastic Clothes Closet

I’d recommend these cube closets for those who live in a small apartment or move frequently since it's very easy to set them up and take them down. The closet is spacious and provides multiple compartments to store different types of clothing and accessories separately.   

 How to store your clothes with clothes rack - Lifewit Blog    How to organize with clothes rack - Lifewit Blog

If you need a place to store your frequently worn clothes and accessories, the open closet system is a great choice for you. Most open closet system can be modified to suit your needs, but open closet system is more complicated to install and most of them need to be fixed on a wall for proper stability.  

Lifewit Stainless Steel Movable Clothes Rack - Lifewit Blog               Clothes Drying Rack - Lifewit Blog

Lifewit Stainless Steel Rolling Movable Garment Rack

You can also choose this kind of simple clothes rack. They are lightweight and easy to move around. The ideal rack is one equipped with caster wheels for increased mobility.

scarf hangers - Lifewit Blog

For scarf storage, I’d recommend these scarf hangers; each hanger can hold and display multiple scarves for easy accessibility.



Most girls spend quite a lot of time in front of their vanity. Even a small amount of makeup can make your bathroom or vanity look messy and cluttered. I recommend organizing your beauty essentials in makeup organizers to free up space.

Lifewit 360°Rotating Cosmetics Storage Tower

Lifewit 360°Rotating Cosmetics Storage Tower

Instead of storing your makeup products out of sight, situate them on this spinning cosmetic organizer to make every item easy to readily available. 

Lifewit 4-Tier Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizer   Lifewit Handmade Vanity Makeup Organizer Storage

Lifewit 4-Tier Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizer

If you have a large collection of cosmetic products, I’d recommend that you use spinning cosmetic organizers and drawer-style organizers combinedly. Drawer-style organizers have multiple compartments that keep items in the same category in one place for quick access and viewing while taking up minimal space.

Lifewit 16-Slot Acrylic Lipstick Holder Organizer

Lifewit 16-Slot Acrylic Lipstick Holder Organizer

I keep all my frequently used lipsticks on this kind of lipstick organizer. It helps me quickly spot the lipstick I’m going to wear, instead of searching through piles. Also, it looks very attractive on my vanity.

Lifewit Brush Holder Lipstick Puff Drawer All In One Dustproof Box               makeup brush organizers - Lifewit Blog

Lifewit Brush Holder Lipstick Puff Drawer All In One Dustproof Box

Makeup brushes usually take up a lot of space in our already cramped vanity. So I use these two makeup brush organizers to hold my collection. Both of them work great for me. I place the makeup brushes that I use every day in the makeup brush rack (left), it keeps the brushes organized for quick use. I clean the used brushes every night, then place it back onto the rack and let it air dry. I keep a majority of my makeup brushes in the makeup brush holder (right), the hinged lid helps to prevent dust from contacting the brushes.



Organizing the kitchen probably is the most intimidating among all the chores. We tend to postpone it until we are forced to acknowledge it. We need to deal with endless amounts of tableware, cookware, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Lifewit Under Sink Organizer       Lifewit Carbon Steel 2-Tier Expandable Shelf Rack

Lifewit Under-Sink Organizer

I recommend this under-sink organizer to eliminate clutter under the sink. It allows room for pipes and creates useful space for cleaning products and supplies. The organizer can be adjusted and modified to fit under different size sinks with different pipe placements.

cookware drawer organizer - Lifewit Blog            utensil drawer organizer - Lifewit Blog

Keep your cooking tools stored away and categorized and readily accessible by installing a cookware drawer organizer and a utensil drawer organizer to your cabinet drawers.

store spices and seasonings with canisters and jars - Lifewit Blog       store spices and seasonings with canisters and jars - Lifewit Blog

Use canisters and jars with tight-fitting lids for storing spices and seasonings to prevent accidental spillage.

 Lifewit Stainless Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack          dish racks with draining platform - Lifewit Blog

Lifewit Stainless Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack

Dish racks with a draining platform are great for organizing and drying dishes and other items after washing.

Lifewit 5-Tier Adjustable Stainless Steel Pan Pot Organizer           Lifewit 5-Tier Adjustable Stainless Steel Pan Pot Organizer

Lifewit Stainless Steel Cookware Rack

It seems like there’s never enough room in your cooking space for bulky kitchenware like pots and pans, we can utilize a wall-mounted or a freestanding pot rack to help us organize pots and pans. Make sure each shelf of the rack is adjustable to accommodate kitchenware of difference sizes.



The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your home. You spending plenty of time here getting ready to go out and go to bed. To have your morning and evening routines run smoothly, you need to keep your bathroom well organized and clutter-free.

 Lifewit 5 Tiers Height Adjustable DIY Wire Corner Shelving Unit        

Lifewit 5-Tiers Height Adjustable Rack

You can keep a corner shelf next to sink or bathtub to maximize storage capacity and organization.

Lifewit Bathroom Storage Organizer Shelf       bathroom storage Organizer - Lifewit Blog

Lifewit Bathroom Storage Organizer Shelf

You can add this storage rack to your bathroom if you like to read or play games on your smartphone while on the toilet. It’s great for restrooms with limited spaces. The rack features a top tray for your phone, a toilet paper holder, and a magazine basket.

In order to have a clean and well-organized home, you need to keep these three rules in mind: get rid of things you don’t need, put things back to where they belong, and clean your home promptly. I hope all of you can benefit from the article and keep your home neat and tidy.


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