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How to organize cosmetics


Looking good is one very important thing that every lady cannot do without (who wouldn’t like to look good?), and cosmetics, accompanied with the rightly selected lipstick have been major contributors to how good women end up looking. However, one thing is to look good, another thing is to keep our cosmetics and lipsticks organized.

How to organizer cosmetics - Lifewit Blog

Keeping our makeup organized has been proven to help us when it comes to getting access to that lipstick, mascara, or any other cosmetic we want. Imagine you wanting to go for a very important meeting, and you have to be there on time; having your cosmetics well arranged can help you to easily get the one you need for that event.

How to organize makeup - Lifewit Blog

That simply means you won’t be wasting time to start looking for your cosmetics in the bag, box or drawer you keep them. You will agree with me that looking for the right color of lipstick to match our makeup, especially from a makeup bag, wastes a lot of time.

One easy hack that ensures you have easy access to whatever cosmetic you would like to use at a specific time is by making use of a makeup holder/makeup organizer. Just like it name explains, it helps you in a big way, either you are a woman who uses these makeup personally, or you run a beauty salon, to have easy access to our desired makeup.

How to oprganize cosmetics - Lifewit Blog

Now that we know the great benefits we will get by making use of a makeup organizer, it would be nice that we get ourselves educated about the right one to use.

Transparent makeup holder/organizers are always the best to choose any day. Aside that they house your cosmetics and makeup brushes, you get access to easily see the color of lipstick you’d love to use. This enables us save time.

Thanks to Lifewit, we can easily get ourselves fashionable and transparent cosmetic holder. Lifewit understands how importance it is for ladies to have our lipsticks, brushes, mascara and other cosmetics properly kept, so they came up with a beautiful Lifewit acrylic 81 slot rotating cosmetics organizer.

Lifewit Acrylic 81 Slot Rotating Cosmetic Organizer

Lifewit acrylic cosmetic organizer is like nothing you have seen before: It isn’t actually the typical box we’re familiar with, it’s more! It is like a lipstick tower with slots that allows you store your favorite cosmetics carefully created at the top of it.

Let’s quickly take a look at Lifewit acrylic 81 slot rotating cosmetic organizer’s amazing features:

  • Premium Quality: Lifewit’s cosmetic storage box has been made to last long. It a handmade lipstick holder that is made from premium acrylic, so you can expect it to last for a reasonable period of time.
  • It is Stylish: If there is one thing I love about this Lifewit lipstick holder, it’s that it is stylish. Yes, it has been made to last really long, but Lifewit didn’t forget about making it look great too! It definitely will look nice on any makeup table. It works awesomely even to display lipstick selection in a storefront.
  • Capacity: The thought that it has 80 lipstick slots, with the top compartment featuring 8 slots where you can keep other cosmetics, and 72 slots in the bottom compartment bring a whole new feeling of awesomeness to me every time.
  • 360-Degree Rotation: It comes equipped with a base that allows you have a 360-degree view of your cosmetics.
  • Versatility: Lifewit cosmetic organizer can also hold other cosmetics that have almost the same size with your lipstick.

Organizing our cosmetics properly poses so many advantages. It is the ultimate way to save time while we apply our makeup.

Find more makeup organizers in Lifewit.

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