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Top 5 Reasons Of Using A Microfiber Bathmat


Over the years, many domestic accidents have occurred in most homes around the world. Some people have lost their lives due to these minor accidents that could have been prevented if the right thing was done. One of the most popular domestic accident before now was slipping in the bathroom after taking a bath. This was a challenge over time before bathmat was introduced.

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Bathmat is an extension of the towel that is used outside the tub immediately after taking a bath. The essence of using a bathmat is to ensure that the floor around the bathroom area is not wet and that people using the bathmat are protected from slipping. In recent years, creativity and innovation has led to the introduction of a more advanced bathmat with unique features. This bathmat is known as Microfiber Bathmat.

Microfiber bathmat is a popular choice of bathmat among homeowners worldwide. This is due to the fact that it is perfect for bathroom with heavy traffic and will dry off easily in between showers. There are various types of microfiber bathmat; one of them is Lifewit 32"x20" Microfiber Bath Mat. This microfiber is easy to wash, maintain and they are highly resistant to stain. For more information about microfiber bathmat. Below are top 5 reasons why people should use a microfiber bathmat.

Lifewit 32"x20" Microfiber Bath Mat

  1. Plush: One of the reasons people should use microfiber bathmat in their bathroom is the fact that it always feels warm and soft under the feet when moving in and out of the bathroom. It has natural insulation properties that protect the bare foot from the cold flooring of the bathroom area after taking a bath. It is washable, soft and takes the bathroom decor up several notches.Lifewit 32"x20" Microfiber Bath Mat
  2. Durable: Unlike other bathmats – natural fabrics and rubber anti-slip mat, the microfiber is highly durable and reliable. It is made to be stronger than other competing bathmats. This is why it is strongly recommended that the microfiber bathmat should be used by homeowners in their bathroom, as it provides them with the best value for their money.
  3. Absorbent: Microfiber bathmat can absorb about 98 percent moisture unlike the tradition cotton bathmat that barely absorbs 70 percent. The fact that microfiber absorbs moisture makes it almost impossible for moisture to bleed through it; this will help to reduce the tendency of mold and mildew.
  4. Anti-slip: Microfiber bathmat provides safety to people while using the bathroom. This is due to the fact that Microfiber itself is a non-slip surface and also has a rubber non-slip bottom. This gives a double protection as the user will neither slip from the bathmat neither will the bath mat slip from him.Lifewit 32"x20" Microfiber Bath Mat-Anti Slip Rubber
  5. Quick Drying: The microfiber bathmat dries easily; this makes the mat more comfortable for other people to use.

These are the top five reasons why everybody should use microfiber bathmat in their bathroom. It is the best and safest options that will make you feel like walking on a warm beach in mid-summer.

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